Restorative Dentistry and Your Local Family Dentist in Grand Prairie

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If a patient has teeth that are damaged, missing or misaligned, rest assured that a Family dentist in Grand Prairie has all kinds of modern techniques to help remedy the issue. However, restorative care is expensive. It is crucial that the cost of treatment does not exceed the patient’s means. Nevertheless, many patients feel that dental care is worth the expense. For example, a person can restore proper chewing function or even restore their smile, which is not insignificant to most people because rotting or missing teeth can alter their quality of life.

When it comes to a broken front tooth, the Family dentist in Grand Prairie will offer the patient a veneer. This is a translucent type of ceramic that resembles natural enamel. Glued to the surface of the damaged tooth, the veneer restores it to a healthy shape and appearance. For more deteriorated teeth, the dentist may suggest the patient get a crown, either gold or a material imitating the natural tooth. A crown completely covers what remains of the tooth by restoring it to its natural-looking state.

What should a person do if they have lost a tooth? The dentist may ask the patient to consider getting a partial (removable) set of dentures, or a (fixed) bridge, which holds one or more false teeth in place, resting on healthy teeth crowned for that purpose. Another solution that is popular is the implant. It consists of inserting a titanium cylinder into the jawbone, to which an artificial tooth is affixed to. The latter can only happen once the bone and the gum have healed around the implant. The final result looks and feels and acts like a real tooth.

Poorly cared for teeth are either crooked, decaying or missing. To boot, they are also difficult to clean, therefore, prone to diseases. Poor contact between the teeth when closing the jaws causes pain and disrupts mastication. Fortunately, there are options to turn to. Increasingly, professionals and patients alike are looking to cure bad breath. This issue affects most people from time to time, and some of them chronically. There are many causes to consider, as well. To learn more about this type of dentistry, visit website today.

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