Preparing A Toddler For Their First Family Dentistry Visit

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When someone has a small child, they will want to bring them to a Family Dentistry practice to start the process in good oral hygiene practices. There are several steps one can take to prepare a child for their first dental exam. Here are a few steps to consider.

Make the toddler comfortable with the idea of going to a dentist by having them visit the office beforehand. If they go to watch a family member get their teeth cleaned, they will feel better about going for their own appointment when the time comes. Make an appointment to take a tour of the facility. Make sure the dentist is available to speak to the child at this time. They will feel familiar with the building and the workers when they go to their own appointment, helping to keep anxiety at a minimal level as a result.

Have family members speak about the dentist with the child often in the days before their appointment. They will become excited about the prospect if others make it sound like fun. Consider doing a few arts and crafts at home pertaining to tooth care. Pictures of people smiling can be found in magazines and placed into plastic sheet protectors. Dry black spots on the sheet protector over the teeth with a black dry erase marker. Have the child brush the spots off while explaining to them the dentist will do the same type of work during a cleaning appointment.

Have the child brush their teeth alongside another family member. Set a timer and have each person brush for the designated time. Tell the child that proper brushing will prepare them for a good report when it is time for their dentist appointment. Make sure to praise the child for a job well done when the appointment is over.

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