Plethora of Procedures at a Dental Clinic in Lakewood

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People visit a dental clinic for advice and procedures related to the mouth and jaw. While a dentist is able to handle regular oral checkups, teeth cleanings, and some surgical procedures, an oral surgeon is responsible for more complicated and complex, serious procedures. Very often, when a dental issue requires these complicated surgeries, your regular dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon for further assistance.

What Is an Oral Surgeon?

Within a dental clinic in Lakewood and clinics elsewhere in the United States, an oral surgeon may also be referred to as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, as the term maxillofacial refers to the surgeon’s ability to perform procedures on the upper jaw and face. An oral surgeon can perform a number of different surgical procedures that improve dental hygiene and solve both aesthetic issues as well as pain issues with the face and jaw. An oral surgeon must go to school or training for an additional four to six years in a hospital residency setting in order to perform more skilled and involved procedures than a dentist.

What Procedures Does an Oral Surgeon Perform?

When it comes to teeth, the experts at a dental clinic perform a number of procedures. An oral surgeon can handle surgeries ranging from removal of impacted teeth or a decayed tooth, which is known as an extraction, to placing implants for missing or extracted teeth. Some oral surgeons can also perform surgeries related to the discovery and removal of benign tumors or cysts. As well, a dental clinic may employ an oral surgeon who can take biopsies and perform other procedures related to the detection of oral cancer.

In addition to surgeries related to the teeth and gums, oral surgeons also perform work on the

hard and soft tissue of the jaw and face. This can involve procedures to solve jaw pain or certain jaw conditions, including jaw realignment when orthodontic work is not sufficient enough to solve the issue. Finally, many oral surgeons are also proficient at reconstructive surgeries of the mouth, showing the diversity and usefulness of this field.

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