Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Extraction In Winchester

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When many individuals think of having a tooth pulled, they become anxious and scared. Having a tooth pulled isn’t as frightening as it sounds and most people don’t even feel any pain during the procedure. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about a tooth extraction in Winchester.

Q.) Why is it necessary for individuals to have a tooth extracted?

A.) Tooth extractions are necessary when individuals have a loose tooth or when a tooth becomes loose due to mouth trauma. Some dentists recommend a tooth extraction when a tooth doesn’t respond to a restorative procedure, such as root canal therapy. Individuals who have painful or misaligned wisdom teeth will need to have these teeth extracted to relieve the pain. Dental patients will often need to have several teeth pulled before they get dental implants or dentures.

Q.) How much pain should an individual expect when having a tooth extracted?

A.) Before extracting a tooth, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth so that patients won’t feel any pain during the procedure. When the numbing solution wears off within the next several hours, individuals will often feel pain and discomfort in the tooth’s socket. This soreness can be alleviated with the placement of a cold cloth or an ice pack placed on the face over the extraction site.

Individuals may also take a pain relieving medication if necessary.

Q.) Will an individual have excessive bleeding when a tooth is pulled?

A.) The amount of blood loss after a tooth extraction varies, but most of the time, the bleeding will subside within a couple of hours after the extraction. To help stop the bleeding, individuals will be advised to place a gauze pad over the empty socket and apply pressure to the pad. Individuals should keep changing the gauze as long as the tooth keeps bleeding. The dentist who performs the Tooth Extraction in Winchester will give the patient a list of instructions before sending the patient home.

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