Interesting Facts About Teeth Whitening in Ocala

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A beautiful is defined by how white the teeth are. It is for this reason people all over the country are flocking to have teeth whitening in Ocala performed to get those pearly whites. Here are some interesting facts about whitening which one may not be aware of.

• Just because the teeth have been cleaned does not mean they have undergone the whitening process. Many people get these two procedures confused. Teeth cleaning aims to remove built-up plague and tartar and to remove light surface stains by polishing the teeth. Whitening seeks to get rid of the stains which are deep within the teeth themselves.

• Tooth whitening uses chemicals to achieve that bright white look. Chemicals from the peroxide family are applied to the tooth which react to the surface layer. The peroxide then oxidizes the pigments in the tooth. It is this final process which give the teeth their new white appearance.

• The time it takes to whiten the teeth depends on where the procedure is performed at. It can be as little as an hour if the whitener is applied at a dental office while the chemicals they can give you to take home to do the procedure may take several weeks to take effect.

• The procedure for teeth whitening in Ocala is not a permanent treatment. The whitening will last from at least a year to an average maximum of about three years. However, with proper precautions and regularly-scheduled touch-ups, the teeth can remain white almost indefinitely.

• When the procedure is performed by professionals, such as the trained staff at Exceptional Dentistry, there are no side effects to the teeth whitening treatment except for temporary tooth sensitivity in very rare cases. This is due to the bleaching agent used and does not cause any permanent damage.

• Unfortunately, not all discolorations are able to be bleached away. If the antibiotic tetracycline was administered frequently during childhood, the teeth can take on a permanent shade of gray. Also, taking in excessive fluoride while still in childhood may lead to the same problem. In these cases, there are other dental solutions available.

The smile is one of the first things that other people see. Make sure yours is the best it can be by inquiring about tooth whitening.

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