Important Information about Dental Crowns in Hamden, CT

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Dentistry

Dental crowns are commonly installed in people’s dentures, primarily those who have gaps within their teeth. If you have sustained a serious injury that led to a broken tooth, it’s going to leave a huge gap in between your teeth. This can affect your mouth in many ways; it can prevent a person from talking clearly or from chewing properly. The gap in the teeth causes slurred speech, thus making it difficult for a person to speak up properly. Here are some important things you should know about getting a crown installed in your denture.

They Are Designed to Look Exactly Similar to Other Teeth

The texture of the dental crown is carefully designed so as to resemble the other teeth in your jaw. When you go to any local dental clinic for dental crowns in Hamden, CT, they are first going to take a close look at your jaw and then carry out an X-ray. You can find out more about Friends and Family Dental, a reputable dental clinic that offers all sorts of dental treatments to patients. Whether you want a medicinal or a cosmetic procedure done, you can set up an appointment at the clinic and discuss it with a dentist.

Using an Implant

The dental crowns are generally installed atop the dental implants, which are drilled into the jawline. Installing a dental implant is a complicated procedure that will be completed within two or three appointments. Your dentist will install the implant directly into the jawbone so as to fix it firmly in place. Once the implant has been installed, the crown will be screwed into place over the implant, thus keeping it firmly stuck in place.

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