Feeling Confident Begins With A Dental Implant In St Peter MN

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Are you missing a tooth or several teeth and feeling less than confident about yourself? This is a common feeling of individuals who have a missing tooth that’s visible to others when they smile, talk or laugh. A Dental Implant in St Peter MN can permanent fix this problem and give you the improved confidence you need without feeling self-conscious about it. A dental implant is ideal for an individual who is missing one or several teeth and can also help to hold dentures in place. You can start looking and feeling your best after visiting a doctor who can perform this type of dental procedure.

Can Everyone Receive An Implant?

Not every patient is eligible to receive an implant, and it’s important to have a thorough examination by a dentist. The jaw bone must be healthy enough to hold the post that will serve as the root of the tooth. An individual’s physical and oral health will be a determining factor of their eligibility for this type of treatment.

Does An Implant Have To Be Removed Like Dentures?

A Dental Implant in St Peter MN did not have to be taken out and cleaned like a set of dentures. It will be permanently attached to the jawbone and will look and feel like the other natural teeth. It can be cleaned, brushed, and flossed the same as a natural tooth.

The First Step

The first step of getting a dental implant is to visit a dentist for a thorough examination that includes X-rays. If the individual is a candidate for a dental implant, molds will be taken of the teeth so an implant can be designed to fit into the area where the tooth is missing.

The Dental Implant

An incision will be made in the gum, and a tiny hole will be drilled into the jawbone. A titanium post will be inserted, and sometimes a temporary crown will be attached to it. After healing has taken place, a patient will return to have the permanent tooth attached to the post.

If you’re interested in improving your smile and self-esteem, please schedule an appointment.

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