Ideal Patients For Invisalign In North Sydney

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Dental Care

For patients looking to achieve straight teeth without resorting to traditional metal braces, the Invisalign straightening system can be a dream come true. There are numerous perks associated with investing in this type of straightening system, with virtually no drawbacks. However, due to the commitment to oral health it requires, Invisalign is not the perfect dental solution for everyone. Here are a few examples of ideal patients for Invisalign in North Sydney.

Young Adults

Invisalign should not be used before all a person’s adult teeth have arrived and settled in their mouth. Dental experts generally agree that this happens at some point during the teenage years. Depending on the individual, their bone structure may grow up until the late teens, which can affect how their teeth develop. Waiting until a patient is in his or her early twenties is the best way to ensure that the procedure will be effective. In addition, patients must wear the Invisalign system for a specific number of hours per day. While it can be removed for eating, drinking, and in other limited circumstances, it is important to wear it as directed. This can be a hard chore for many people to remember while they are in their teen years.


Traditional metal braces may not be appropriate for some individuals, especially those frequently in the public eye. Lawyers, doctors, and teachers, for example, often interact with a large number of people on a daily basis. Wearing traditional braces can invite many questions a person may not be comfortable answering or can make them appear younger and less mature. Invisalign, in contrast, is a translucent system, that no one will notice.

Individuals With Dietary Concerns

Some dental patients may have highly specialised dietary concerns or needs to consider. This specialised diet may not be compatible with the dietary restrictions that go along with wearing metal braces. For individuals who face a large volume of dietary restrictions and concerns, Invisalign may be the ideal straightening solution. Contact KB Village Dental today!

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