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As many Kingwood area, residents know, dental hygiene is an important part of a person’s health, and should never be overlooked. This is especially true if the patient is experiencing any discomfort or pain which could indicate an infection or dental health problem like gum disease. It is often important to get to a local dentist as soon as possible when any pain symptoms crop up, especially if the symptom persists for longer than a day or becomes too unbearable to deal with. If the pain increases in severity over a short period of time, it could mean that the patient has a bad infection of the tooth’s nerve or the gum area around it.

In most cases, a tooth infection can be taken care of by any practice for Dentistry in Kingwood TX. The most common treatment will first start with an inspection of the site, to see what is causing the pain in the first place. An infection can be caused by cavities, damaged enamel exposing the nerve, or weakened gum lines. If there is an infection, the dentist will first prescribe a treatment of antibiotics to clear the infection out. Until the infection is gone, the dentist will not be able to perform any procedures for the patient’s safety. This will prevent the infection from entering the bloodstream and causing fatal health issues with the patient.

Once the infection is taken care of, the dentist will be able to take care of the original cause of the infection easily. Many practices for Dentistry in Kingwood TX offer a variety of dental procedures to repair damaged teeth or even replace those that can not be fixed. If the tooth requires extraction due to being too damaged, it can be replaced by a dental implant which looks and feels like a real tooth once done. If the damage is not as severe and can be repaired, a veneer or crown may be useful instead. Regardless of the type of procedure, a reputable dentist like Rowntree Richard D DDS can help restore a patient’s smile, as well as help them keep it bright and beautiful.

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