A Sedation Dentist In Redding Can Make Your Dental Work Pleasant

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Going to the dentist and having work performed in your mouth can cause anxiety and fear. Even those individuals that normally don’t have these feelings can develop them because of a dental appointment. A Sedation Dentist in Redding can remove the anxiety and fear of dental work with the administration of the proper medication. Although some patients only need Novocain to prohibit pain from developing, other individuals can obtain medication that will relax them during their appointment. Avoiding dental care because of fear could lead to serious conditions occurring in the mouth. Gum disease can start as early as the teenage years and continue to destroy the roots of the teeth. Early intervention in dental treatment is an important part of remaining healthy.

A patient should never be concerned about a Sedation Dentist in Redding using a needle to relax them. Sedation dentistry only involves taking a pill. The patient will remain awake during the procedure, but will not have any memory of visiting the dentist. It’s an outstanding alternative to IV sedation of a patient. Patients that receive sedation dentistry are not unconscious. They can still speak and respond to questions. They are completely relaxed for 5-6 hours after taking the pill. Dental work that previously took 5-7 treatments can be completed in one. Another benefit is for individuals that have a difficult time getting numb. Once they’re relaxed, the Novocain will work much better.

Are you still not sure how sedation dentistry works?

A dentist will give a patient a pill to take an hour before an appointment. They will ask that someone accompanies the patient to the dentist’s office. You will be placed in a comfortable chair and your vital signs will be monitored. This type of dentistry is ideal for people that have:

• A bad gag reflex.

• Sensitive teeth.

• Complex problems with their teeth or mouth.

• A fear of visiting a dentist.

• An experience from the past at a dental office that was traumatic.

If you’re interested in obtaining the dental treatment you need without the fear, anxiety or smelling dental odors, sedation dentistry will work well for you. For more information, please Visit the site.

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