What to Expect with Teeth Implants in Eagan MN

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Teeth Implants in Eagan MN are utilized to replace one or more missing teeth. They can also be used to permanently affix dentures to the jaw bone for stability and strength. Patients under either circumstances will enjoy better oral health. Their ability to chew and speak clearly with improve, as will oral hygiene. When teeth are missing, food and particles begin to build up in vacant crevices around remaining teeth. The exposed gum line is also vulnerable to decay and infection. When dentures slip or slide around the mouth, particles can get caught in between the dentures and the pallet. That may result in sores, pain, and infection. Chewing in both cases becomes difficult.

Speaking can become more difficult and less clear as time goes on. Vacant spaces in the mouth cause other teeth to shift and interferes with the movements of the tongue during conversations. Denture wearers can sound different when their artificial teeth are out of their mouths, or when teeth begin to slide out of place in the middle of a sentence. Those situations can be embarrassing and adversely affect confidence and self esteem. Getting Teeth Implants in Eagan MN will restore the shape and function of the teeth, gum and mouth for patients. They will enjoy their favorite foods again, smile more, and be able to maintain better oral health.

The first step in the implant procedure is a consultation. The dentist will explain what will happen, overall out of pocket costs, recovery time, and proper oral care immediately after surgery. Experienced dentists, such as those at Dakota Dental & Implant Center, can answer questions, relieve any anxiety, and let patients know exactly what to expect. Titanium cylinders are placed in the jaw via oral surgery. Those will provide a durable and permanent foundation upon which the replacement tooth or teeth will rest. A specific amount of recovery time is needed before the final replacements will be added. That allows the gum to heal properly, and the jaw bone to fuse to the new implant. A lighter and temporary replacement will be put on the cylinder for appearances and prevention of infection. One more appointment will be scheduled so the dentist can fit the permanent tooth or denture plate into place. Those interested can go to dakotadentalandimplantcenter.com for detailed information, and to schedule an initial consultation.

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