Do You Have A Dental Emergency?

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Regardless of how it happens; perhaps you were involved in accident or maybe you bit down on a hard candy and a tooth cracked, injuries need to be treated, if not, a dental emergency can quickly lead to unwanted complications. Any trauma to the teeth or mouth that results in excessive bleeding loosened or broken teeth may require the attention of an emergency dentist in Arlington Heights.

It is very important that you know what constitutes a dental emergency and what does not, armed with this knowledge you will know when to seek emergency care while at the same time, avoiding making unnecessary panic visits to a local emergency room. Of course, accidents can and do happen at any time; some injuries to the teeth, gums and mouth do require immediate treatment while others can easily wait until your dentist is available the next day.

Common dental injuries:

It is very easy to crack or break a tooth, even biting on a piece of hard food can do it; teeth can be knocked out if you are involved in a contact sport or an accident of some sort. Usually a minor chip or fracture can wait until the following day but that is not so if a large section of the tooth is missing or the crack goes below the enamel into the pulp chamber. If this happens or a tooth is knocked out you need to get to an emergency dentist in Arlington Heights without undue delay.

Call immediately:

If you do find yourself with a true dental emergency call your dentist, you may not be able to get slotted in immediately but dentists usually leave a little free time during the day to deal with emergencies. Even if you know the office is closed for the day, call anyway. Most dentists leave an emergency number that you can contact even if they are not available.

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. If you are in need of an emergency dentist in Arlington Heights you are invited to call James Kakos, DDS.

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