Dental Practice Brokers in San Diego Help Veterans Move on to Retirement

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Dental

More dentists than ever before work for chains and other types of corporate practices. Many younger dentists prefer the security and flexibility that comes from racking up hours for an employer, rather than running and owning a private practice. That can leave local dentists who are getting ready to retire wondering how best to make the transition.

Dental Practice Brokers in San Diego like those at Western Practice Sales regularly answer such questions and others. Having a broker take charge of the sale of a practice often proves to be the best possible way to make sure things work out as they should.

An Ongoing Revolution in the Dental Care Industry

For many decades, dentists stood out from other healthcare professionals about the collective independence they displayed. While physicians have long been prone to working for hospitals and other larger organizations, dentists were historically most likely to own and run their practices.

Consolidation has affected many industries over the years, but probably none more significantly than dentistry. All across the country, clinics associated with chains owned by stockholders and others have been steadily popping up in place of independent practices.

Young dentists with some experience to their credit used to be most likely to start new practices of their own. In the past, it was also very common for dentists just getting started to work for veterans who were getting ready to retire and hand over the keys.

It is now far more common for dentists in the early stages of their careers to sign on with corporate clinics with the intention of sticking to that arrangement. That has left many dentists who have spent decades building thriving practices anxious about their futures.

The Best Way to Sell a Practice

Fortunately, dentists who seek out support tend to find it easy enough to sell their practices and move on. Professional dental practice brokers in San Diego are consistently able to find buyers who are willing to pay what particular operations are worth. While the dental industry has changed greatly and will continue to do so, selling a practice does not need to be as difficult and stressful as some dentists have found.

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