Dental Implants in Annapolis Replace Teeth and Keep Jaws Strong

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People often think that once a tooth has been pulled out that their dental problem is over. However, a missing tooth can lead to more missing teeth. That’s because the jaw weakens when a tooth is removed and adjacent teeth begin to shift. While a dental bridge can prevent teeth from shifting, it doesn’t keep the jaw from getting weaker. Dental Implants Annapolis will both replace the missing tooth and keep the jawbone strong. A dental implant is a very small titanium cylinder that is inserted deep into the jaw. Once it is fully incorporated into the jaw, it is as strong as the original tooth root.

The process begins with a dentist checking the patient’s jaw to make sure that it is strong enough to support a dental implant. If the tooth was removed several years ago, the jaw may already have begun to lose mass. In that case, an oral surgeon can perform a bone graft to strengthen the area. After it has healed, the implant will be placed into the jaw. Detailed x-rays are taken to ensure that the placement avoids nearby tooth roots and nerves. It takes about eight weeks for a dental implant to incorporate into the jaw and for the surgery to heal. During that time the patient can wear a removable bridge, if they are self-conscious about the gap.

Dental Implants Annapolis replace the tooth root below the surface of the gum. The next phase of the dental restoration replaces the tooth above the gum. The first step is to attach a metal post to the implant. After this procedure has healed a dental crown will be attached to the post. It takes from six to eight weeks for the post procedure to heal. The dentist can then take impressions and create the dental crown. This can be made from resin, porcelain or even gold. Once the crown is in place, the patient can care for their tooth just like an original tooth. Dental crowns and implants can be expected to last for several decades, when cared for properly. People interested in learning more about this dental implants can Visit the site to get more information.

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