Dental Emergencies: To Visit a Hospital or Emergency Pediatric Dentist in Redding, CA

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Hospitals around the country have doctors with varying skill sets, most of which aren’t inclusive of dentistry. While oral maintenance can be taken care of at hospitals, the extent of work that can be done varies greatly. Emergency dental situations should be assessed individually and by severity to determine whether or not an emergency pediatric dentist is suitable for the wounded area.

Red Flags for the Hospital

Any dental problems that require the immediate removal of an abscess require urgent medical attention. Also known as sepsis, delayed care of oral infections can spread into the bloodstream and poison the body, potentially being fatal. Children with jaw injuries that include broken bones or dislocations should seek an emergency room immediately instead of waiting for an emergency pediatric dentist in Redding, CA.

Children with breathing issues and swelling caused by abscesses or infections should also find an emergency room immediately. Those who have compromised immune systems should never wait to seek out professional emergency care, as one minute could mean the difference between stable and critical.

Emergencies for the Dentist

In short, an emergency pediatric dentist is for children with important but non-life threatening oral issues. Oral issues include anything from a painful knocked-out tooth, to a cracked tooth, to a painful area that is starting to swell or has the potential to cause infection. Every person’s pain receptors are different, so it’s important to differentiate between emergency and non-emergency.

Non-emergencies include:

  • Lost fillings.

  • Food lodging.

  • Broken night guards.

  • Dull or barely-there toothaches.

If a tooth becomes knocked out, placing the tooth in either an emergency preservation kit or milk for no more than 30 minutes will help preserve the tooth until you can get to the dentist. After more than an hour, teeth outside of the body run the risk of not being saved. Hospitals are unable to provide immediate tooth restoration like a dentist can. If the dentist is unable to be reached after hours, the nearest clinic can help reduce discomfort through pain management techniques.

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