Can Dentists in Annapolis Prevent and Repair Dental Issues?

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Teeth in the dental dentition are arranged in a dental arch and the individual tooth is characterized by a bite pattern. Individual teeth are located in the tooth bed and help to keep the complex chewing system functioning. If only a single tooth is lost, the adjacent teeth move to the fill the empty space.

Teeth are important to a person’s health

Teeth are responsible for pronounced speech and food intake. Beautiful white teeth are a sign of beauty and health in today’s society, with the anterior teeth playing an important role in the dental aesthetics of the upper jaw, as only the upper teeth are seen when laughing. People sitting across from each other usually look first at the other person’s teeth and facial aesthetics when they meet for the first time. Anyone who suffers from tooth discoloration or tooth malformations should visit Dentists in Annapolis and discuss possible therapies with him.

Children’s teeth are smaller than adult teeth

Children’s teeth are smaller than adults, and their tooth enamel is a bit thinner. However, children’s teeth are just as important as adult teeth, mainly because they are considered placeholders for the child’s permanent teeth. Children’s teeth are smaller because their jaws are too narrow to hold adult teeth.

As the boy or girl girls, however, their jaw also grows, allowing larger teeth to take space. “Milk teeth” have one important function for permanent teeth -; they are placeholders. This is because the first permanent molars drop down after the child’s molars fall out.

If these deciduous teeth fall out too early due to a tooth disease, the new molars have no support and, thus, tilt too far forward. Because of this, the child may need orthodontics later on. If some inflammation develops at the root of one tooth, it can cause damage to the gums and other teeth. This can lead to tooth discoloration or malformations of the permanent teeth.

In case of premature tooth decay in the anterior region of the upper jaw, the speech development for “S” and “Z” sounds may be impaired. A constant movement of the tongue can also lead to an open bite after the child’s primary teeth fall out when the upper and lower incisors cannot touch each other. Contact Annapolis Dental Associates for more information.

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