Answering Questions about Orthodontic Services in Ellicott City

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Dentist

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry dealing with correcting the position of teeth and doing so in a way they relate to each other. Malocclusion not only affects the appearance of your mouth, but it can also hamper the movements of the mouth when speaking, swallowing, chewing, causing unnecessary wear on the teeth and molars. Dental hygiene is difficult to perform and therefore can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is best to seek out Orthodontic Services in Ellicott City.

What is an overbite?

In an ideal occlusion, the upper teeth are slightly lower so that the lower teeth contact the back surface of the upper teeth. If the upper teeth excessively overlap the lower, dentists will tell you that you have an “overbite”.

What is a cross bite?

This issue occurs when the upper and lower jaws do not correspond, so some teeth or the lower teeth overlap the top when the mouth is closed.

What types of malocclusions are there? There are three kinds of malocclusions:

*     Class I: The maxilla and mandible are in the correct position but the teeth are crowded.

*     Class II: The upper jaw is moved forward, with highly developed teeth.

*     Class III: The jaw growth has exceeded the upper jaw and causes a cross-bite.

Why do people have crowded teeth?

There are different reasons behind this: disorderly eruption of teeth, lack of available space in the jaws, misplaced teeth, missing teeth, the tooth size is larger or smaller than necessary, bad habits, etc.

If you need treatment, is there a specific diet you must follow?

No, there is no strict diet. You will be advised not to eat certain foods that are very hard, sticky, gummy or too sweet though. Eating such foods can lead to a higher risk of breakage or loss and consequently lengthens the treatment. Eating candy and very sugary foods increases the risk of cavities and tooth decay too.

Determining the need for the best Orthodontic Services in Ellicott City can only be done by a dentist. In some cases you may know what the problem is, but only a professional can determine your need for treatment. Visit to learn more.

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