Why You Should Choose Dental Implants in Summit, NJ

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When a tooth becomes damaged and needs removal, people have some options to choose from. One of the better choices is to get Dental Implants in Summit NJ to replace any damaged teeth that can’t be repaired. These implants involved a titanium post being implanted into the jawbone and topped with a dental crown. Implants have distinct advantages over the other alternatives available.

Most Like Original Teeth

Dentists often consider dental implants as the standard gold treatment for replacing lost teeth. One of the reasons for this is because an implant looks almost exactly like a tooth and can be cared for in the same way. There’s no need to use special cleaning techniques like when bridges or dentures, and the replacement tooth is stable and doesn’t move. People can treat implants just like their other teeth and don’t have to forgo any of their favorite foods.

Helps Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy

Because a dental implant is implanted into the bones of the jaw, it helps stimulate the jaw bone and limit any erosion of the bone. Unlike bridges or dentures, implants don’t require the removal or filing down of adjacent teeth, so they help maintain other teeth as well as the jaw. Partial dentures and bridges must use nearby teeth for support, potentially damaging them over time.

Long-Lasting Solution

Once Dental Implants in Summit NJ have fused with the jawbone and been topped with a crown, they’re one of the longest-lasting solutions for replacing a tooth. These implants shouldn’t ever need to be replaced, unlike bridges and dentures, which should be taken into consideration when comparing the costs of the various tooth replacement alternatives. Dental implants may be more expensive at the beginning, but the difference in price may be minimized when potential replacement costs are worked into the cost/benefit analysis.

Potential Considerations

Implants are one of the more expensive tooth-replacement options, and they aren’t for everyone. The process will also involve multiple visits to the dentist over a period. There will be a temporary crown, however, to fill the gap during the wait.

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