Why You Need To Visit An Oral Surgeon In Mount Vernon, IL

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Dentist

In Illinois, dental patients may face a variety of challenges that could require surgery. These conditions could include wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, and dental implantation. An Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL provides high-quality services for these patients to meet their individualized needs.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth could present the probability of pain and an infection. These conditions could require surgical removal of the tooth. The positioning of the tooth defines if surgery is required.
The dentist manages any infection that has developed first. They prescribe antibiotics for the patient. They may be required to take the antibiotics for at least seven days before the surgery. They may provide pain medication to manage discomfort. They also provide these medications after the surgery as well. The dentist also advises the patient about steps to prevent a dry socket.

Root Canal Surgery

A root canal surgery is performed to eliminate pain due to an exposed nerve. In these cases, the tooth is damaged severely, and this is the final step before an extraction is necessary. The dentist drills the tooth open and removes the pulp as well as the nerve. The tooth is cleaned and sealed off. They may also install a crown to secure the tooth more completely.

Complex Extractions for Damaged Teeth

An oral surgeon may be required to extract damaged teeth. Teeth that are broken down to the gum line may require surgery to remove. The dentist may be required to cut out the tooth completely. They may also need to drill the tooth in half or into smaller pieces to remove it effectively.

Dental Implant Surgery

A dental implant surgery requires the installation of a titanium root. The implant tooth is connected to the titanium root. An abutment is used to establish this connection.

In Illinois, dental patients could need surgery to treat damaged teeth. These strategies could require them to require general anesthesia for the complete procedure. These procedures include wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, and dental implants. Patients who need to visit an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL should Browse Site to schedule an appointment today.

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