Why You Might Need a Dental Surgeon in Baltimore City, Maryland

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When a person has a toothache or may need his or her teeth cleaned, he or she knows to pay a visit to the regular dentist. However, sometimes problems occur that go beyond the scope of a regular dentist, and a dental surgeon may be required. There are dentists who have attended the extra residency to acquire the ability to treat oral problems surgically. As frightening as the two words, “dental” and “surgery” may be together, a Dental Surgeon in Baltimore City, Maryland assures that patients will be in qualified hands.

When would a patient specifically need a dental surgeon? Dental surgeons or oral surgeon are trained to work on complex issues that affect the gums, teeth, jaws and other areas of the mouth. They may remove impacted wisdom teeth, repair maxillofacial issues such as TMJ disorders, work on broken jaws, and fix dental implant issues. Because the oral surgeon does surgery, anesthesia will be required, and the oral surgeon has had to train in anesthetics as well. He or she can opt to use local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the length of the surgery and the severity.

Other issues that are treated by an oral surgeon include, but are not limited to, the repair of cleft lips or palates, the removal of lesions or a biopsy, repairing facial injuries, treating infections in the face, and even treating sleep apnea and snoring. The patient who has to have dental surgery of any type has nothing to worry about. The surgeon will do everything possible to ensure that the patient’s surgical process is painless.

Lawrence Chen, DDS is a dental surgeon who has been serving patients in the Baltimore City, Maryland area for over 20 years. The dental practice offers various services such as restorative dentistry, periodontal, cosmetic, pediatric, orthodontic, endodontic and oral surgery. The latest in dental technology is offered at the dental practice, including digital X-ray and the diode laser. The practice is also dedicated to providing patients with optimal dental services and encourages preventive dental practices. If you need to consult with a Dental Surgeon in Baltimore City, Maryland, visit the website at website url, and click here for more info.

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