Why Kids Need Pediatric Dentistry in Billings, MT for Periodontal Disease

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Dental

Minor gingivitis can quickly escalate to severe periodontal disease if not treated. Periodontal disease can be especially damaging to your child’s oral and general state of health if he or she has preexisting medical conditions. Here are some reasons why you need to seek Pediatric Dentistry Edmonton, for your child who has periodontal disease.

Jaw Damage
Periodontal disease can cause bleeding gums, swollen gum tissue, soreness, burning sensations inside the mouth, and destruction of the jawbone. Once the bones that support the teeth have been damaged by periodontal disease, your child may be at risk for tooth loss. Seeking the services of pediatric dentistry in Billings, MT. will help lower this risk. If your child’s general dentist determines that the patient’s periodontal disease is especially severe, a referral to a periodontist may be warranted.

Self-Esteem Problems
Children who have severe periodontal disease may have damaged gum tissue, crooked teeth, missing teeth, and bad breath. These problems can cause self-esteem issues in children. Seeking treatment will help ensure that your child’s oral health status improves, which will enhance the child’s appearance.

Poor oral health may lead to social isolation in children, which may increase the incidence of anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. To avoid severe periodontal disease, keep regular dental appointments for checkups and cleanings, and if your child has any chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or seizure disorder, make sure that they are well-managed by both the pediatric endocrinologist and the neurologist. Both illnesses, as well as the medications used to treat them, can contribute to periodontal disease.

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