Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening in Waterford, CT Over Other Methods?

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People who want to do something about the yellowed appearance of their teeth have plenty of over the counter products to consider. With so many available, why go to the trouble of undergoing professional Teeth Whitening in Waterford CT in a dentist office? The fact is that the patient will gain quite a few benefits that are hard to come by using those over the counter solutions.

Here are some examples.

Controlling the Process

A dentist knows how to go about the process of Teeth Whitening in Waterford CT in a manner that is not likely to result in any damage. Since the whitening is done incrementally, it is easy for the professional to check the condition of the teeth after each treatment. The purpose is to ensure the agents used are not causing any problems with the enamel or triggering sensitivity for the patient. With the aid of a professional, it is also possible to not overdo the treatments and end up with teeth that are a little too white.

Checking for Dental Issues

While the dentist is administering the treatments, there is also a quick check for any emerging dental issue that needs to be addressed. As the yellow begins to fade to white, it will be easier to see if there are any problems like hairline cavities in process. That makes it much easier to deal with those dental issues before they can cause any real damage.

Quicker Results

The over the counter products do work, but they take longer to see results. That won’t do when the plan is to enhance the smile in time for a party this weekend. With professional treatments, it will be possible to see a difference after each session. By having even a couple between now and the upcoming weekend, those teeth will look much nicer and the patient can relax, laugh, and enjoy the party.

For anyone who wonders what teeth whitening would accomplish, contact Matyas & Matyas today and arrange for a consultation. After a quick examination of the teeth, it will be possible to determine what impact the treatments would have on the appearance of the teeth, and what sort of results to expect over time.

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