When You Need Dental Crowns in Englewood, NJ

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Dental crowns are one of the most common procedures performed in the office of a cosmetic dentist. Having multiple functions and benefits, a crown can completely restore the structure of a tooth and improve its appearance after one quick visit. If you are wondering whether or not you need or could benefit from a dental crown, here are the five signs which may be telling you that you need one or more dental crowns.

Your Tooth Is about to Break

The structure of a tooth may be on the verge of breaking for one of two reasons:

    The tooth is decaying; or
    The tooth is cracked

When a tooth has decayed, it can become so decayed that a filling will not be enough to help protect and restore the strength of that tooth. When this happens, a dental crown can be placed to protect the integrity of the tooth. Dental crowns in Englewood, NJ are also often recommended if a patient is having a large filling done and if the strength of the tooth may be compromised.

Cracked teeth can also benefit from a dental crown. Given that cracked teeth are more prone to sensitivity, pain, and decay, a crown can be placed on top of it to make it stronger and to help maintain its proper function.

You Need to Have a Root Canal

A tooth which has become infected or has significantly decayed will need to have a root canal. During the procedure, the pulp and the nerve within the tooth will be removed. This weakens the integrity of the tooth, which is why most dental professionals will then recommend having a crown placed on top of it to keep it strong and functional.

You Are Receiving Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace missing tooth roots, which dental crowns are then placed on top of to act as the teeth. The crowns are an integral part of the process, as they take the place of the missing tooth, with the implant acting as the root.

You Have Speech Difficulties

Cracked or missing teeth can significantly impede one’s ability to speak clearly. If you find that missing teeth or poorly fitted dentures are causing you difficulties when speaking out loud, dental crowns may be the solution.

You Want Better Looking Teeth

There are a number of ways for individuals to improve the appearance of their teeth. They may choose dental whitening procedures, invisible braces, or porcelain veneers. Sometimes the best and most preferable way to improve the appearance of the tooth is through the application of a dental crown.

Modern crowns are made of natural looking materials (typically composite resin or porcelain) and will not discolor over time. They can be placed over yellowing, browning, or graying teeth, or they can cover up old and unattractive fillings. Visit Advanced Dental Care of Englewood for more details.

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