When Is The Right Time To See An Emergency Dentist In Glenview

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An emergency dentist in Glenview may not be different than your regular dental professional, but the times you see them may differ. In most cases, you will visit them only when emergencies arise, such as abscesses, toothaches and more. It’s important to be prepared and have someone available when a problem occurs so that you don’t have to spend any more time in pain than necessary.


When your tooth becomes so infected that tiny blister-like pockets appear, it means you have an abscess. This can be a dangerous infection that means the tooth is dying and may require a root canal or other therapies.


An emergency dentist in Glenview can also help you with a toothache. Aches can come about for many reasons, but the most common is decay. While home remedies can help you feel better until you get to the office, it’s best to call as soon as you can to determine the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Fallen Out

If you’ve got a tooth that just fell out or is dislodged from its original state, dentists can help you with this severe problem. It’s best to keep the tooth moist or keep it in the mouth if possible. Likewise, you should bring your tooth with you to the office, and they may be able to put it back. If they can’t put it back in its socket, they can also offer dental implants and bridges.


Chipped teeth can be unsightly but may also cause slight pain. You can find bonding techniques that look natural and are durable enough to keep your chompers active.

An emergency dentist in Glenview can help with a variety of severe situations. Visit Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore now to learn more. Follow us on twitter.

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