What You Need to Know About Dental Cleanings in Toms River, NJ

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According to a recent oral health survey, professional dental cleanings are becoming increasingly important in today’s day and age:
• Almost 55% of US citizens attest to drinking at least one saccharine beverage per day, such as sodas or juices with upwards of 35 grams of sugar.

• These individuals are roughly 65-70% more likely to experience considerable tooth decay and enamel problems during their lives.

• Nearly 65% of US adults fail to floss their teeth on a regular basis, which is why the vast majority of cavities occur between the teeth.

• The ADA advises people to brush their teeth in the morning, before bed, and after every single meal or snack – for a total of about 5-6 minutes per day – but the typical individual brushes their teeth less than two minutes each day.

As such, it’s in your best interests to take a closer look at the advantages of scheduling dental cleanings at least once every six months.

What Can I Expect During My Initial Appointment?

If you partner with a trustworthy dentist that specializes in facilitating dental cleanings in Toms River, NJ, you’ll be able to book a quick, pain-free appointment comprised of the following steps:

1. Physical examination and assessment

2. Removal of plaque and tartar with an intricate scaling device

3. In-depth brushing with an electrical toothbrush and medical-grade toothpaste

4. Expert flossing

5. Clean Rinse

6. Application of a powerful fluoride treatment

To learn more about the details of this dental process, feel free to visit the site of a renowned dentist in your vicinity.

What Are the Advantages of Regular Teeth Cleanings?

Simply by establishing a tight-knit relationship with a reputable practitioner in your area and following his or her recommendations, you’ll be able to experience a wide range of health benefits, which can include the following:

• Reduce the risk of gum disease by up to 50%

• Decrease the odds of suffering a heart attack or stroke by 33%

• Remove unsightly stains and boost your self-confidence

• Mitigate the chances of developing dementia later in life

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that routine dental cleanings can also save you a significant amount of money on costly procedures and invasive surgeries down the road, so be sure to visit your local dental specialist as soon as possible.

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