What to Look For in a Dentist in Kaneohe

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Dentistry

When trying to choose a dentist in Kaneohe, there are several important considerations. Perhaps the most important for many people will be the experience level of the dentist. Whether the dentist is fairly new to the dental field or has been doing exams and extractions for years, he or she need to have plenty of experience. Reputable dentists are happy to display their credentials in the office to assure patients they have the experience needed for the job. Another thing most reputable and experienced dentists will have is references. Recommendations of family and friends can be very helpful but, in the absence of those, it’s always wise to ask for references who have been treated by the dentist.

The office hours can make a big difference for many people today. Check on the dentist’s regular office hours, and be sure to ask about any extended hours that may be available. Not everyone can make it in to see the dentist during regular office hours, so an increasing number of dentists are meeting that need by staying open after 5:00 pm or even on the weekends in some cases.

While urgent care dentistry is something most people have to deal with infrequently, it’s still good to know a dentist is there for immediate needs. Ask the prospective dentist whether they offer urgent care and how the urgent care process works. Do they fit urgent patients in immediately? Do they need any notice or can patients simply come in right away? It can also be helpful to clarify what qualifies as urgent care. Some situations, for example tooth pain that is accompanied by cardiac symptoms, are typically best handled at the emergency room of the closest hospital. If there is any doubt, the dentist should be happy to speak to patients on the phone as they are in transit to get care.

It’s also wise to consider all members of the family when choosing a dentist. Many families today opt for the same dentist, which means the dentist may be treating everyone from toddlers to seniors. Be sure the dentist works in all of these areas of family dentistry if this is a priority. To learn more about a top local dentist in Kaneohe, Browse our website today.

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