What To Expect During The First Orthodontist In California MD Appointment

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It is very common to feel nervous and not know what to expect before going to an initial orthodontist in California MD appointment. Patients often wonder what will happen during the first visit and what they need to do to get prepared for the appointment. The following information will explain more about what will happen during the first scheduled appointment and consultation with an orthodontist.

Expect to fill out Several Pages of Paperwork

The first thing patients should expect is quite a bit of paperwork when they arrive for their first orthodontist appointment. Some offices will allow the paperwork to be filled out online or it is possible to have it mailed to the patient to fill out before the appointment. The paperwork will request standard information including name, address, dental health history, insurance information, and details about expectations throughout the entire process of wearing braces.

Expect Several X-rays and Photographs

The next step is to expect the technicians to take quite a few x-rays and photographs to help them determine the best treatment for the patient. The x-rays and pictures will help the orthodontist to create the best possible plan for each patient and creates a record of the position of the teeth before any treatment has started. The pictures will also provide information about the patient’s profile, jaw, symmetry, and posture.

Expect a Detailed Exam

The orthodontist will take time to greet and get to know the patient before moving forward with an exam. The exam will include an evaluation of the patient’s gums, face, lips, bite, and treatment options will be explained in detail to help the patient understand all of their options. This is an excellent time to discuss concerns and vision for how the patients would like their smile to look once the treatment is complete.

Click here to learn more about what to expect during the first orthodontist in California MD appointment. Representatives are available now to help patients understand more about the benefits of braces and what to expect throughout the entire process. Now is the perfect time to discover the difference braces can make on the journey towards creating a beautiful smile.

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