What to Expect After Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fishers IN

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The dentist has confirmed that a couple of wisdom teeth are too far gone to salvage. That means they have to come out as soon as possible. Once the teeth are extracted, there are a few things the patient can expect to occur. Here is what every patient needs to know about the days following wisdom teeth removal in Fishers IN.

Keeping the Packing in Place

As soon as the Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fishers IN is completed, the dental professional will pack the area with gauze. This is intended to help prevent infection to the open area and also to staunch the bleeding. While the area is still numb, the dentist will instruct the patient to bite down gently on the gauze to help hold it in position. If the bleeding stops in the typical amount of time, it will only be necessary to keep the gauze in place for an hour to two hours.

Avoid Irritating the Area

Even after the bleeding stops and the gauze is removed, remember that the area is still sensitive. That means keeping food and drink away from the space as much as possible. If the patient wants to brush the teeth, brush gently around the gap and do not let the bristles touch the tender tissue. For the first day or two, avoid using mouthwash, or at least do not rinse too vigorously. A salt water rinse would be a better choice, since it will help clean the area. For people that smoke, it is best to put the cigarettes away until the dentist says otherwise. This is because the smoke can slow the process of healing.


Forget about exercise the day of the extraction. Even for the next several days, avoid strenuous activities that include running, jumping, or lifting anything heavy. If everything goes according to plan, it will be safe to resume exercising five days or so after the teeth are removed.

For help with any dental issue, contact us today and schedule an appointment. Once the treatment is over and the healing is done, it will be easy enough to get back to the normal routine.

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