What Can You Expect From Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Wichita KS?

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The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in. They are the very back molars and can often cause problems. These teeth typically have longer roots than other molars and the roots can sometimes grow into the jawbone and become twisted. In some cases, the teeth do not break through and become impacted. Because of these issues, some people seek Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Wichita KS. No matter the reason for the extraction, it can help for a person to know what to expect from the process.

When patients come in for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Wichita KS, they will often have X-rays taken so the dentist can check on the root system of each tooth to determine how it needs to be extracted. This is the safest method of extraction and can help to prevent problems in the removal process.

After the patient is fully numbed, the procedure can begin. Patients who are only having one or two teeth removed simply need a local anesthetic to prevent them from feeling pain. In many cases, a patient has all four wisdom teeth removed so they end up needing to be placed under general anesthesia. The dentist will use the safest method of anesthesia possible to ensure the extraction procedure proceeds safely.

The extraction procedure for wisdom teeth can often take longer than that of other teeth because the dentist must be precise to help avoid damage to the surrounding teeth and the jawbone. Some patients may need an incision to be sure this can be carried out properly. If incisions are made, the patient will have dissolvable stitches put in place that will slowly be absorbed by the body as the incision heals.

Most people recover fairly quickly from wisdom tooth extraction. It is normal for some swelling and bruising to occur in the face but this will fade quickly. Those who are in need of wisdom tooth extraction should contact Wichita Pediatric Dentistry and schedule an appointment right away. They will bring you in for a consultation appointment to determine the best process of removing your teeth. Call them today for further information.

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