Use General Dentistry in Beaver Dam WI to Avoid Oral Concerns

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For many people, the dentist is the only way to ensure that their teeth are perfect or as close as they can get. Of course, this means regular visits to an expert in General Dentistry Beaver Dam WI and the possibility of cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance. In some instances, the cosmetic procedures are also useful for dealing with other dental concerns including the repair of cavities. Eliminating caries is done with either drilling and filling, removal of the pulp or extraction of the damaged tooth.

Eliminating the pulp, also known as a root canal, is often required when the cavity has gotten so deep that any attempt at fixing it will expose the pulp of the tooth. This pulp holds the blood supply and nerve for the tooth and is prone to infections when exposed. An infection will make some procedures more difficult and usually increases the level of pain the patient experiences. Plus, exposure of the nerve can lead to increased pain. Thankfully, an experienced practitioner of general dentistry in Beaver Dam WI can provide a regimen of antibiotics to eliminate any current infection and reduces the chance that one may set in.

One of the most important services in many dental offices is the use of veneers. Technically, this procedure is a cosmetic treatment because it is used to hide a variety of issues such as stained teeth, misshapen teeth or even crooked teeth, However, it is the perfect solution to hide extensive work on the front of the visible teeth. The typical veneer is made from porcelain and it is not the same as a crown. This is because the veneer covers only the visible portion of the teeth and not the whole exposed area. This means that any cavities must be filled before installing the veneer itself.

Another common treatment in dental offices is cleaning and inspecting the teeth. Cleaning involves scraping away tough tartar and plaque which makes routine brushing more difficult. Inspecting the condition of the teeth usually requires the use of x-rays so the dentist can locate any anomalies. This way, they can be quickly repaired before they become a serious problem. Without this, the teeth become weak because cavities remove the very materials that give the tooth strength. This is one reason the dentist will cover larger carries with a crown or cap. Contact Dentistry of Wisconsin for more information.

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