Types of Treatments Offered by a Cosmetic Dentist Wichita KS

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When a person is unsatisfied with their smile, they may seek methods to improve it. In most cases, this will require the care and services of a cosmetic dentist Wichita KS. Thanks to innovative technology and new procedures, there are quite a few things that these dentists can do to help and improve a person’s smile. Some of these popular procedures are found here.

Onlays and Inlays

This is also referred to as an indirect filling, the onlays and inlays are made from either composite or porcelain materials and are considered a cosmetic, yet long-lasting, way to offer a filling for teeth that suffer from decay, or some similar type of structural damage.

Composite Bonding

Decayed, discolored, broken and chipped teeth can be fixed or have their look corrected with a procedure that is referred to as composite bonding. The composite material that is used will look just like the natural enamel on the tooth. The cosmetic dentist Wichita KS will shape and form the material to ensure that it is virtually invisible.

Teeth Whitening

This is considered to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures done. Teeth can become stained due to certain drinks, food, smoking and less than ideal oral hygiene. When the teeth are bleached, it will help to enhance the look of a person’s smile.

Dental Veneers

Porcelain or composite laminates can be bonded to the tooth’s surface to correct or fix cracks and chips. They can also help to restore the look of teeth that appear discolored or worn. Veneers may be suggested for someone who has a gap in their tooth and if they have not had much success with teeth whitening. Be sure to consider this option carefully, since veneers can be quite costly.

For those who are interested in cosmetic procedures, it is a good idea to contact a local dentist to learn more. Taking the time to do this will pay off in the long run and help ensure the best looking smile possible is achieved. Doing this will pay off in the long run and help to ensure a beautiful smile and great oral health.

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