Trying Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy In Billings MT

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Untreated gingivitis can cause periodontal disease. This painful condition is identified by puffy, red gums. Further, teeth separate from the gums and form pockets. These pockets can easily get infected. To make matters worse, bacteria spreads under the gums and toxins destroy bone and tissue. Left untreated, people can lose their teeth, and toxins can spread in the body. Risk factors for periodontal disease include smoking, diabetes, and heredity. It is not unusual to see more than one person in a family with the condition.

How do you know if you have gum disease? Symptoms include foul breath, puffy gums, bleeding gums, and loose teeth. The dentist may refer patients to a periodontist, a specialist in the disease. However, dentists can treat the disease as well. The first line of attack is a deep-cleaning called scaling and root planing. Any tartar in the gum area is removed. Root planing is aimed at getting rid of germs on the tooth root. If the disease progresses too far, surgery may be necessary to replace bone in the gums. However, many dentists offer non-surgical periodontal therapy in Billings MT. Visit to learn more.

Sometimes, patients respond to a prescription mouth rinse. The rinse contains an antimicrobial to control bacteria. A key element of Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy in Billings MT, is urging patients to make lifestyle changes. For instance, smokers need to quit. Further, invest in the best tooth brush to fight plaque. Devices like water-piks are also helpful. Antibiotics are another line of treatment. A gel containing doxycycline is often put in the pockets after a deep-cleaning. The antibiotic releases slowly over the period of a week. Likewise, antibiotics may be prescribed in pill form.

If the disease is very advanced, surgery may be necessary. There are cases where the dentist has to lift the gums to clean underneath them. Afterwards, the dentist connects the gums and teeth. A treatment called guided tissue regeneration may be used for those who have bone loss. A tiny piece of medical mesh is placed between the bone and gums. Hopefully, the bone and surrounding tissue will regrow. People with signs of periodontal disease should make an appointment with the dentist to head off additional problems.

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