How a Trusted Dental Clinic Can Help Contribute to a Patient’s Overall Health

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Dental Care

Dental care is directly connected to a person’s overall well-being and health. Signs of heart problems, diabetes, or oral cancer they are just a few health problems that can be spotted by a dentist during a routine dental exam. By catching these medical conditions in time, it improves the individuals chance of developing further health issues. While a Lakeview dentist can contribute to their patients’ overall health care. They provide the services required to help prevent problems with their teeth and offers solutions to solve any oral issue their patient may be experiencing.

It All Starts with the Oral Examination

While most people think that a routine dentist appointment is to check for cavities and to thoroughly clean the person’s teeth. A Lakeview dentist is doing more than examining their patients’ teeth during their visit. While examining a patient, the dentist will be checking the inside of the mouth for any sores or signs that can be an indication of oral cancer. If a patient shows signs of bleeding gums, bad breath, or bone loss on their x-rays the dentist will recommend the patient consult their primary physician to be tested for diabetes. If any dental problems are found during the examination, the dentist will consult with the patient on how to prevent any further issues and the options available to correct the problem. Periodontal disease or decayed teeth can result in additional health problems if they are not addressed and a solution is found.

Receive Your Exam by Scheduling an Appointment Today

Whether it is time for a routine visit, or you are past due to have your teeth examined. You should contact the skilled team at Art of Modern Dentistry to set up your next dental exam. They offer the comprehensive dental care people require to help maintain a healthy mouth and overall well-being.

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