TMJ Treatment in Middleton WI for Conservative Pain Management and Surgery

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Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is an oral disorder that affects jaw joints and the muscles that move the jaw. There is usually some degree of misalignment within the region of the top and bottom jaw. Common symptoms include jaw clicking and popping with pain, limited movement of the jaw, and palpating sensations of the muscles in the jaw. The top and bottom jaw may experience tension because they do not rest comfortably against each other. Chewing food and speaking often come with pain for those with TMJ. Misaligned teeth can contribute to TMJ. This condition can be diagnosed accurately with magnetic resonance imaging. It helps a physician see if the disc in the jaw is positioned properly when the jaw is in motion.

A mild state of temporomandibular disorder can be palliated with medication, hot or cold packs, and eating softer foods. Splints and night guards help by relieving tension from misaligned jaws. Orthodontic treatment may be necessary if misaligned teeth are a direct cause of TMJ. A dentist can repair damaged teeth with crowns or bridges. Crowns and bridges even out the biting surfaces of teeth. Trigger point injections provide relief to sore muscles in the face. Pain medication is injected straight into the muscles to relieve pain right away. Radio wave therapy is a stimulant for sore joints. It is a type of TMJ Treatment in Middleton WI that increases blood circulation to the joints to eliminate pain.

TMJ Treatment for severe cases might require surgery. Arthrocentesis is surgery for those who have a severe problem with the symptom of jaw locking. Jaw locking is a joint problem and arthrocentesis clears out damaged tissue in the joint and stops them from sticking. Arthroscopic surgery enables access inside a joint. A small device with a camera allows a clear view of the joint. The area is then worked on to get rid of inflamed tissue and place the joints and discs into even alignment. This precision surgery is non-invasive. Healing time is reduced because the incision is so small.

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