Three Conditions That Require Treatment By A Certified Oral Surgeon In Mount Vernon IL

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WIth proper care, most oral issues can be prevented and ensure a person always has a beautiful smile that allows them to put their best face forward. Despite preventative measures, there are still some issues that can leave a person in pain and require the expertise of an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL. A dentist can fix most issues, but more serious oral health problems should be addressed by a professional surgeon who can develop a treatment plan that will ensure relief and prevent reoccurrence.

Oral Cysts

A cyst is a buildup of calcium, and they most commonly form on the surface of joints. While the exact cause of cysts remains a mystery, many medical professionals agree that it is mostly attributed to genetics. An oral cyst will typically appear at the base of the tooth, just below the gumline and can be a source of tremendous pain and discomfort, but a surgeon can extract the cyst and provide a patient with instant relief.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can be one of the scariest diagnoses an individual will have to face, and one of the best lines of defense against it is to remove any affected tissue. An Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL will be able to perform many different biopsies to determine the exact location of the cancer and perform surgical techniques to remove it without causing unsightly visual damage to the existing jaw and tooth structures.

Jaw Deformities

Jaw deformities are typically caused by physical trauma and can cause a person to experience debilitating pain and prevent them from being able to chew. A surgeon will be able to use prosthetic devices to reform the jaw and help a person regain their ability to eat and reduce the long term visual side effects. Don’t let a jaw deformity lead to embarrassment when an oral surgeon can ensure a person is left with minimal scarring.

Oral health issues shouldn’t be taken lightly. At the first sign of trouble be sure to contact The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery and let their team of experienced oral care providers restore health and confidence. Browse the Site to learn more about the services offered, and how they can help anyone overcome the most traumatic oral health problems.

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