Things to Consider Before Getting Dental Bonding in Toronto

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There are a number of dental procedures that people can get to help improve the way their smiles look. One of these is dental bonding. Before getting Dental Bonding in Toronto, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons of the procedure.


One of the main potential drawbacks of dental bonding is that the resin used for the procedure is subject to cracking, chipping, staining and detaching, especially if it’s used on a large area of a tooth. It tends to work better for restoring relatively small areas, such as when there is a small gap between the teeth or a small chip on a tooth. It can also be used to cover up discolored areas. Porcelain veneers or crowns tend to be more durable than Dental Bonding in Toronto.

Complexity of the Procedure

However, the lack of complexity of the procedure is one of the major benefits of dental bonding. It isn’t invasive, no part of a healthy tooth needs to be removed for the procedure, it doesn’t require anesthetics or pain medication, and it only takes one visit. Crowns typically take more than one visit, and both crowns and veneers typically require some of the healthy tooth to be removed to help them fit better and look more natural.


Another benefit of dental bonding is that it tends to be one of the more inexpensive cosmetic dental treatments. It does still cost somewhere between $300 and $600, but in some cases, some of the costs will be covered by insurance, such as when dental bonding is done to fix the hole from a cavity.


Once dental bonding is complete, nobody is likely to realize that you’ve had the procedure. That’s because the dentist can match the color of the bonding material to the color of the surrounding teeth. Just keep in mind that the area where the composite resin is used won’t change color if you decide to whiten your teeth in the future. The bonding would have to be redone to match the other teeth.

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