The Importance of Immediate Gum Disease Treatment

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Dentistry

Most people know that regular brushing and flossing is important to keep their teeth healthy, but some people try to avoid going to the dentist for regular check ups and care. While it is important to take care of your teeth at home, going to the dentist is important as well. They can ensure your mouth is healthy and also perform any necessary gum disease treatment. When left alone, gum disease can cause tooth decay and loss and can also be incredibly painful.

Nonsurgical Treatment

One of the most common gum disease treatment options is a conservative treatment that is nonsurgical. Your dentist will be able to carefully scrape off any plaque and tartar that has accumulated on your teeth. When this treatment is completed correctly, and before the gum diseases advance too far, it can allow the gums to reattach to the healthy teeth. This procedure can actually stop the progression of the gum disease and allow you to keep all of your teeth.


Another option for gum disease treatment in Cary IL is surgical and allows the dentist to fold back the tissue of the gum, remove any bacteria and damaged bone, and then allow the gum to heal and reattach to the tooth. If this is the treatment option your dentist recommends, you will want to complete it quickly, as failing to do so can result in more extreme surgeries and even tooth loss. Another more advanced option is to graft gum tissue from healthy teeth onto the exposed roots of a tooth that has been affected by gum disease.

In order to keep a healthy mouth and body and ensure you do not lose your teeth, any signs of gum disease need to be treated and addressed immediately. This is the best way to ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible and will keep you and your dentist from having to take extreme measures to save your teeth. If you have questions about your treatment options, visit us today to talk to our expert staff and to learn more.

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