The Endo Therapist in Oceanside, CA Will Protect Your Oral Health

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An Endo Therapist is a dental professional who works to protect the health of the inner tooth. When disease occurs inside the pulp, it is imperative a person sees the Endo Therapist Oceanside CA. Once the pulp becomes diseased, it must be removed or the tooth will begin to die. The most common form of endodontic therapy is a root canal. This procedure seeks to remove the diseased tissue, so the tooth is no longer in danger of necrosis.

It is imperative to understand how a root canal is performed, so a person will not feel nervous when they have an appointment with the Endo Therapist Oceanside CA. While many individuals are concerned about the pain level they will experience during their endodontic appointment, it is important to note patients are fully numbed, so they will not feel any discomfort at all. Most individuals find the discomfort they feel once the numbing agent has worn off is likened to that of having a tooth filled.

The therapist will open the tooth and use special tools to remove the soft pulp. Removing the pulp ensures the disease or infection does not continue, so the tooth is not destroyed. The pulp contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. It is responsible for growing the tooth roots during the formation of the tooth. Once the tooth has matured, it can survive without the pulp because it receives nourishment from the gum tissue.

Using special tools called canal files, the therapist will clean the tooth down to the root and ensure there is no residue left behind. The tooth is filled with a material that is able to mimic some of the same qualities of the pulp, allowing for expansion and contraction. The tooth is then topped with a hard sealant that allows a strong chewing surface. In some patients, a crown will also be needed.

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