The Dentists in Ocala Can Help With Your Tooth Sensitivity

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There are many reasons the teeth become overly sensitive, and it can be a pain to deal with. The feelings of irritation and pain can prevent individuals from being able to live a normal life. Thankfully, the dentists in Ocala can offer solutions to help individuals overcome their sensitivity and improve their oral health. The sooner a person seeks treatment, the sooner they will find true relief from the irritation.

What are the Most Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity?

Because there are many causes of tooth sensitivity, it is imperative a person sees the dentists in Ocala for a proper diagnosis. The following are the most common reasons people experience sensitivity with their teeth:

• Tooth decay, causing exposure of the nerve

• Worn enamel from aggressive brushing

• Worn enamel due to eating acidic foods

• Tooth injuries that lead to nerve exposure

• Teeth grinding at night

• Gum recession

• Dental treatments

Before a patient can be properly treated, they need to know what is causing their sensitivity. With a dental examination, the dentist can discover the cause and come to a proper diagnosis so treatment can begin.

How Is Tooth Sensitivity Treated?

The treatment for sensitivity will depend on the reason. Decayed and injured teeth will need to be repaired with a filling material, so the nerve is no longer being exposed. In severe cases of decay or damage, the dentist may need to cover the tooth with a crown so it is shielded and will no longer cause any uncomfortable sensations.

When the enamel has become worn, there are a couple of different options for treatment. The first line of treatment is for the patient to undergo a strong Fluoride treatment which will help to strengthen the enamel and reduce the microscopic openings in the teeth.

Patients can also have their teeth bonded, or in severe cases, the nerve can be removed via a root canal procedure. The dentist will help their patient determine the best form of treatment for their needs.

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If tooth sensitivity is causing you to feel uncomfortable, now is the time for you to seek dental treatment. Call Exceptional Dentistry to schedule your appointment.

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