The Convenience of Clear and Colorful Braces Provided by an Orthodontist

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An orthodontist in St. Augustine can provide clear braces under the brand name Clarity for adolescents and adults. The devices are adhered to the teeth with brackets instead of functioning as a removable tray. This actually makes them more convenient in some ways. Parents will not need to worry about their kids complying with keeping the braces on nearly all hours of the day. The devices cannot be safely removed except by an orthodontist.

Clear and Colorful Options

An orthodontist in St. Augustine can provide both clear and colorful braces from Clarity. The colorful devices are appealing to people who would like these orthodontic appliances to make a statement. This has become an increasingly common choice among adolescents who enjoy making their braces a fashion feature of sorts. Adults may be interested in this option too unless their workplace would frown upon colorful braces.

Stain Resistance

Both the clear and colored devices are stain resistant. Nobody has to worry about coffee, tea, grape juice, red wine or cola discoloring the braces.


Clarity braces are more convenient than removable devices because they are not taken out before eating or drinking. They are not taken out before playing a musical wind instrument.


Also, parents know that a youngster may be inclined to take removable trays out before spending time with a person he or she has a crush on. Kids and adults alike may wake up in the morning only to discover they have removed the trays while sleeping. That cannot happen with brackets adhered to the teeth.

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