Teeth Implants In Hamilton, GA Will Restore Your Smile And Improve Your Health

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If you’re missing teeth, chances are you feel self-conscious about your smile. Missing teeth can cause difficulty properly chewing food, jaw pain and lead to improper cleaning and flossing of the teeth. Teeth shift whenever a tooth is missing and your bite won’t be even. Chipping of the remaining teeth and further deterioration of the health in your mouth will suffer. Teeth can be missing because of illness, injury, medication and a variety of things. An experienced dentist can perform Teeth Implants in Hamilton, GA to stop further damage from happening.

Teeth Implants in Hamilton, GA can take two to three visits to complete. The first step of the process is to receive a thorough examination by a highly-trained dentist. They will determine if an individual is a candidate and if their jawbone is strong enough. The dentist will make a tiny incision in the gum for the titanium post. They will take a small drill to make a hole in the bone and insert a titanium post. The dentist may install a temporary crown on the post while healing occurs. Once the jawbone and gums have healed, a patient will return to have their permanent crown installed. The crown will be the same size, shape, and color as the other teeth. It can be cared for the same as natural teeth and a patient never has to worry about a cavity in the implant.

As individuals age, their smile can lose its brilliant appearance either through less than white teeth or changes in the face. A dentist can perform a smile face lift without any need for invasive surgery. A collapsed bite or sunken upper lip can make an individual look old. A dentist can repair these problems and give someone a youthful appearance again. Lengthening of the teeth increasing the volume of the gums can reestablish jaw and cheek bone contours and appearance. It can naturally stretch wrinkled skin by restoring the height of facial structures.

Hamilton Family Dentistry can offer you and your family outstanding dental care including regular cleanings, orthodontics, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. Great oral health is important to being healthy.

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