Does Your Teen Son or Daughter Need Metal Braces in Ballwin, MO?

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Many young people need to have metal braces fitted to straighten their teeth. Braces do their work by placing ongoing pressure on the teeth and gradually moving them into place within the jawline. It is a proven method for straightening teeth and consistently produces good results.

Why Might a Person Need Braces?

Most often, a dentist identifies possible future dental health issues early in a child’s life. Indeed, this is a very good reason to visit the dentist from an early age! Commonly, teeth are growing and developing in positions within the child’s mouth that are not aligned correctly. Teeth in these positions may cause further dental health problems if they are left untreated and unstraightened, including headaches, aching jaw muscles, poor bite profile, and overcrowded teeth.

Once adult teeth have fully grown in and developed, it is time for a specialist to consider the use of metal braces. When professionally fitted, metal braces in Ballwin, MO can quickly help to realign teeth and provide not only a nice smile and a better jaw profile but the prevention of many future oral health issues.

Dealing with Braces

Having braces fitted can be a troubling time for many teenagers as they often feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their looks and how their peers will react. It is always important to understand the emotions behind this and to provide guidance on the benefits of having braces. In some cases, of course, the child may be eligible for Invisalign braces technology and many of these concerns will be minimized.

If your child has been identified as needing braces, it is important to ensure that he or she is a part of the process. Professional dental clinics such as New Age Dental Care can provide advice on the benefits of braces and straightening teeth. For more information, visit their website You can follow them on Twitter for latest update!

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