Steps to Take After Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bridgeport CT

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Dental

There are many reasons to get wisdom teeth removed, such as decay and crowding in the mouth. People are often concerned when they are told they need oral surgery. Once they get through the procedure, it is crucial to be aware of the steps to take after wisdom teeth removal in Bridgeport CT.

Remove the Gauze

After the surgery, a gauze surgical pad is applied to the site to soak up any blood. The gauze should be removed 30 minutes after the surgery. This is the first step toward healing after Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bridgeport CT.

Don’t Touch It

People are often eager to see and feel the surgery site after the gauze is removed. While that might be tempting, don’t touch the wound area until it heals. Even washed hands contain bacteria and germs that could cause an infection.

Avoid Rinsing and Smoking

If the wound is bloody, patients often get the urge to rinse their mouths. It is imperative not to rinse the mouth vigorously, smoke, or perform any sucking activities for a few days to avoid getting a painful condition called dry pocket. If this occurs, additional treatment is required.

Take It Easy

It typically takes at least three or four days to start healing after a wisdom tooth is removed. Slow down to avoid excessive bleeding and fatigue. Restrict all activities and avoid bending and running around.

Take Prescribed Pain Medications

Some patients start to feel discomfort a few hours after the surgery. Most dentists prescribe pain medication or recommend over-the-counter remedies for relief. When the area becomes painful, take the recommended medication to feel better.

Slowly Return to Eating

Up to 24 hours after the procedure, patients are advised to minimize their food intake and have liquids or very soft foods. After the first day, foods such as soup and pancakes can be consumed, as long as they are not too hot or cold. Within a few days, patients can resume eating but still may need to stay away from anything crunchy to avoid injury until the wound is totally healed.

Get more information by contacting a local dentist and schedule an appointment for a checkup to see if any wisdom teeth need to be removed.

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