Signs Your Child Needs to Be Seen at the Dental Clinic in Elizabeth NJ

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Most parents know the importance of scheduling their child regular appointments at the Dental Clinic in Elizabeth NJ. Routine dental appointments twice a year help to keep cavities and gum disease at bay, while also allowing the dentist to monitor a child’s tooth and jaw formation. Unfortunately, there are oral health issues that can arise between appointments so it is important parents are able to recognize the signs their child needs dental care.

Signs a Child Needs to See the Dentist

•If a child begins experiencing any pain in their teeth or gums, a prompt dental appointment is crucial. Pain can be caused by decay, infections, and injuries and should not be ignored or the condition could worsen and cause serious oral health concerns. The dentist can determine what is causing the pain so it can be treated.

•Should a parent notice their child’s teeth have dark or white spots, it is time to schedule an appointment at the Dental Clinic in Elizabeth NJ. When these spots occur on the teeth, they are often an indicator of cavities. Prompt treatment of cavities can prevent further damage to the tooth and prevent the decay from spreading to other teeth, including the child’s adult teeth.

•When a child begins complaining their gums are hurting or they start to bleed during brushing, the dentist needs to be called. These are signs gingivitis is developing and could also mean a gum infection is in place.

•If a child has loose teeth, especially if they are permanent teeth, the dentist should have a look. Loose teeth can be sutured in place to prevent loss. If a parent waits too long, the tooth could be lost without the ability to repair.

•Children who need to see the dentist will sometimes complain when they eat foods that are too cold or hot. This issue can be caused by worn enamel or cavities and both need to be addressed by the dentist.

Call Right Away

If your child is exhibiting any of the above signs, it is imperative you bring them to the dentist as soon as possible. Contact ChildSmilesFamilySmiles today to schedule. To learn more about these services, Visit the website.

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