Signs It’s Time to Go to the Dentist

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Some people put off going to the dentist. This may be because they have a fear or because they are worried about the cost. In many cases, through, it is because they simply don’t understand when they should see a dentist. There are some clear signs, though, that it is time to see a general dentist in Downers Grove.

Gum Issues

Your gums can tell you a lot about your overall dental health. What you want to see are gums that are pink in color and tight against your teeth. Any gaps are a sign they are receding and also a clue you need to see a general dentist in Downers Grove. Also, when you brush your teeth, they shouldn’t bleed excessively. Excessive bleeding is a cause for concern and another sign to see a dentist. Finally, sore gums are another sign that something isn’t right, and you need to be seen. Catching gum issues early is important to getting them healed and preventing more serious issues, like tooth loss or gum disease.


A small cavity may seem like something you can put off, but that is never a good idea. In fact, it much better to catch them when they are just starting and have the dentist fix them. Cavities grow and can even spread to surrounding teeth. In addition, if you let it go long enough, it can get so bad that the root becomes infected, which can lead to serious problems. Also, the smaller the cavity is, the cheaper it is to get fixed, so if cost is a concern, you want to catch them early to save yourself some money. A very bad cavity may mean a very costly and very painful root canal, which you want to avoid if at all possible.

Pain and Sensitivity

If you are experiencing any pain or sensitivity, it is a good idea to pop into the dentist for a check up. There are many things that cause these issues, but only a dentist can really pinpoint what is going on. Sometimes it isn’t anything too severe, but other times pain and sensitivity can be an indication of something more serious. At any rate, seeing a dentist will allow you to discover what is going on and stop it from happening.

Whether you love going to the dentist or not, it is very important to not ignore these serious signs. If you experience any of them, you need to seek out a general dentist in Downers Grove to check you out and fix whatever is happening.

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