How to Sell Your Dental Practice in California

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Is it time to retire? Is relocation necessary? Were those last wildfires too close for comfort? An answer of yes to any of those means figuring out how to sell your dental practice in California. A commercial real estate agent is an option.

Marketing will be done, the listing will go on the computer, and the viewings will begin. There is one think to consider when selecting this avenue. The agent, no matter how experienced in commercial properties, will have little to no knowledge of what the practice is worth.

Not Just the Building

When researching the best option to sell your dental practice in California, consider a real estate agency that specializes in buying and selling dental practices. Operated by dentists, in conjunction with accounting and legal professionals, the agency takes all aspects of the practice into consideration when determining a price. It is not just the building.

Equipment is valuable, as is the current clientele and support staff. There may be some loss of clients, but most people will stay with the practice. The location is probably close to home or work, people are familiar with the staff, and they will not want to transfer records to an entirely new office.

The Process

Selling land or vacant buildings will require looking at the deed, mapping the square footage, and identifying any zoning restrictions. Selling a dental practice requires knowing the type of dentistry practiced at that location, reviewing at least the last five years of revenues, and determining the current number of patients.

The type of dentistry is important because the equipment and potential for growth depend on it. A family dentist office located near a school is virtually guaranteed success and retention of patients. A cosmetic dentist’s office will include different equipment and cater to a specific clientele.


This will be different than marketing an ordinary commercial listing. The target audience is specific and professional. The language and emphasis will not be the same, and questions asked during inquiries will require knowledge of dentistry.

There is a limited professional number of agents who can be expected to fit that bill. When exploring avenues and learning how to sell the practice, visit the website for detailed information and to set up an appointment.

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