Reasons to Never Lie to Your Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY

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When a Dentist in Oyster Bay NY asks a patient some questions, some of which may seem unpleasant, it is best to always be truthful. But, why is this even an issue and what misleading information could be unmasked when a dentist looks into their patient’s mouth? This short article outlines the questions a dentist may ask and what responses he or she wants to hear.

Do you use dental floss every day?

There are many people who know the advantages of flossing daily. However, plenty of those who do know the advantages of flossing rarely floss. Why is this?

When a Dentist in Oyster Bay NY checks a person’s mouth, one of the first things he or she looks for is lodged food between the patient’s teeth. This may be unpleasant for a patient to hear, but no mouth is perfect. One of the dentist’s most important tasks, besides promoting preventive dentistry, is inspecting each patient’s oral cavity carefully.

Usually, it does not take long before questions about often you actually use dental floss arise. What should the patient do? Lie or tell the truth?

Flossing is smart

It is not worth very much to conceal the truth because a reputable dentist also sees swelling or inflammation of the gums. Even if a person religiously brushes their teeth, yet their gums bleed, he or she should schedule a consult as quickly as possible. This is because more than a cosmetic problem lies behind the issue. Redness, swelling, and bleeding gums are the typical signs of a gum disease.

These symptoms arise when the bacterial equilibrium in the oral cavity, for example, is swayed negatively due to a lack of dental hygiene. The result? According to Locust Valley Dental Group, plaque begins to form.

Plaque and tartar can cause inflammation on a person’s gingival margin or between the teeth. In fact, these two problems are the primary reasons for tooth decay. If teeth are not thoroughly brushed twice a day with the addition of dental floss, they are not only prone to inflammation but also oral odors. For more information, click here.

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