Prosthodontists Discuss Why Dental Implants are the Better Choice

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Many residents near Milwaukee have lost teeth for a variety of reasons. It can be helpful to research implant dentists, known as prosthodontists, in your area so that you can choose the best tooth replacement option possible. You do have alternative choices such as bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures, but dental implants near Milwaukee are likely going to provide the best results. Learning about the different options can help you make an informed decision.

Fixed Bridge

A tooth-supported fixed bridge is the most common option for single-teeth replacements. However, fixed bridges require the adjacent teeth to be ground down so that the bridge can be supported and attached to the teeth. In short, you must damage otherwise healthy teeth to have a bridge placed. The bridge doesn’t stimulate the jaw bone, which means the bone can still erode.

Also, bridges tend to fail after about 10 years because people have trouble flossing between the teeth, which makes the root surface around and below the bridgework more susceptible to decay.

Resin-Bonded Bridge

Also known as a Maryland Bridge, the resin-bonded bridge is sometimes used to replace the front teeth because they don’t apply the same pressure when chewing or biting as the back teeth. The wings on each side are designed to attach to the adjacent teeth if they are healthy, and this treatment doesn’t usually require grinding down the other teeth. The resin-bonded bridge can also function and look better than removable dentures but aren’t as durable as fixed bridges. Furthermore, they don’t last as long as implants and can only be used for the front two teeth on the top.

Removable Partials

While partial dentures do not require that adjacent teeth be ground down, they aren’t as comfortable or stable as dental implants. Many wearers find that the partial affects how they talk and eat. While this option less expensive, it won’t function or look as natural as an implant with a crown on top. In addition, the bone beneath the removable partial can deteriorate over time, which changes the appearance of your face and smile. Another negative effect of partials is that they rely on healthy teeth as anchors to stay in place. This applies pressure to the healthy teeth and can cause them to loosen over time and fall out.

Removable Full Dentures

Removable full dentures sit on top of your gums when you have lost all your teeth. They can be made to fit the top or bottom of the gum. However, many patients find that they are highly uncomfortable, won’t stay in place without strange-tasting adhesive, and can affect your ability to taste food. They can also cause your gums to get sore or cause lesions. Furthermore, they often make clicking noises when you eat, speak, yawn, cough, or smile.

While they cost less to make and use, they usually only last 15 years and replacements can cost a lot in the long term. Also, you must remove them frequently to clean them, which many find to be time-consuming.


Prosthodontists can help you choose the most appropriate tooth replacement option for your needs. Visit the website for EON Clinics near Milwaukee. EON Clinics serves patients in the greater Milwaukee region, including Waukesha.

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