Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening in Kalamazoo, MI

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Dentist

The idea of having bright white teeth is appealing to many people. It’s also relatively easily achievable by most with a little time getting professional whitening treatments at the dentist’s office. These treatments are stronger than the at-home versions and thus have more visible results in a shorter time frame. However, there are both pros and cons to Teeth Whitening in Kalamazoo MI.

Pro – Great Smile

After getting Teeth Whitening in Kalamazoo MI, a person’s smile will be whiter and brighter, potentially making her look younger and giving her self-esteem a boost. People tend to associate whiter teeth with younger people, as the foods people eat and drink tend to darken their teeth over time, especially if a person drinks wine, coffee or other darkly colored beverages.

Con – Not Suitable for Everyone

Unfortunately, not everyone’s teeth will respond well to the currently available teeth whitening products. Teeth that are grayish or dark brown, as well as those that have had certain dental treatments, such as crowns or veneers, shouldn’t be bleached. Likewise, it isn’t a good idea to have this procedure done if the teeth or gums are particularly sensitive.

Pro – Quick Results

At-home treatments can take weeks or longer and still give less-than-stellar results, while in some cases teeth can become up to eight shades lighter with just one treatment from the dentist’s office.

Cons – Maintenance Required

Teeth aren’t going to stay nice and bright white unless a person takes the proper steps to maintain them. This may mean touch up visits from time to time at the dentist, and definitely means not using tobacco and limiting the use of staining foods, such as red wine, soy sauce, berries and coffee.

Pros – Minimized Side Effects

The professionally produced teeth whitening supplies used by a qualified dentist can help minimize the potential side effects of teeth whitening, such as sensitivity, because they monitor the treatment and minimize contact of the whitening agent and the gums.

Cons – Cost

Professional whitening is a lot more expensive than the at-home options.

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