Why Is Preventative Care From a General Dentistry in Keizer, OR So Important?

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One of the most important services available from a general dentistry in Keizer OR is preventative care. Preventative care seeks to protect patients from the dangers of gum disease and cavities, which can degrade the health of their smile. When a person sees their dentist on a regular basis, they can often avoid these dangers and keep their smile healthy.

Preventative care appointments are typically carried out twice a year unless a person has been diagnosed with gum disease and needs comprehensive care strategies put in place. At these appointments, the teeth are carefully cleaned to remove any plaque and tartar. Even with careful brushing, some areas can be missed, so it is important these cleanings are carried out twice a year to protect vulnerable areas.

Dentists will also recommend X-rays at least once a year. These show cavities that may not be visible to the naked eye and allow the dentist to stay on top of their patient’s health. If cavities or signs of gum disease are found, these can be treated before they cause major damage and make treatment more difficult.

At these appointments, dentists will check for any signs of oral cancer. This is a crucial screening that saves lives because many types of oral cancer are aggressive and can lead to serious health complications. The sooner they are discovered and treated, the less likely a loss of life will occur.

With general dentistry in Keizer OR, a patient’s oral health is protected to ensure their smile is attractive and healthy. After the examination and dental cleaning, a strong Fluoride treatment is applied to the teeth to increase the strength of the enamel. The enamel helps to protect the teeth from damage, so it is crucial it remains intact and healthy.

If you are overdue for your preventative care appointment, now is the time to contact the dentist and schedule one. Call the office of Riverfront Dental LLC and allow them to schedule an appointment so you can get started protecting your oral health. With preventative care appointments, you can keep a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

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